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Content Copywriting With Search Engines In Mind.

Did you know! The average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results on Google has at least 2,000 words?

If your serious about your business and ranking higher on Google you need to have high-quality, keyword-rich, long-form content.

Our highly experienced copywriting team put together engaging and keyword rich articles for both website content and blog posts. 

All our content creation services are optimised for search engines based on your chosen keywords. 

All you have to do is copy and paste it into your blog post or page.

Content Creation

from £19

500 – 9,000 Words
UK & US English Writers
Written for SEO
Keyword Rich Optimisation
High Readability Flesh Score
From 7 Days Delivery

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Press Releases

from £119

Written for you Press Release
Distribution to 500+ news outlets
Genuine DA90+ websites
Best Authority (Forbes, Inc, etc.)
Niche Relevant Anchors
25 – 40 Days Delivery

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Infographic Design

from £79

10-30 Point
200 – 600 Words
Fresh Engaging Designs
UK & US English Writers
Fully Branded
7 – 10 Days Delivery

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Why Content Creation Matters For Your Google Rankings.

Content creation is actually the heart of SEO.  In this day and age, your content needs to be something people want to read.  It should be information people are looking for as well as SEO balanced for your keywords.  Content creation isn’t all equal, there is a balance from human interaction to Search Engine readability as well.  

You may even hear the terms that “Content is King” when researching the importance of content for SEO.  And, there are no truer words. Content isn’t something that can be made up quickly. This slows down the less proper sites from appearing in the search engine results.

Search Engines have a job.  They want to serve the people searching with websites that are very relevant.  If you have ever gone to a search engine and typed something in to only get junk, you know the frustration.  Serving up bad sites can cause people to quit using that particular search engine. This will lead to the search engine not being used by people and thus loss of revenue.  Search engines do care what they serve to the searchers and this is why. And, that’s why they look carefully at the content of the site.

Content Sells

Through content tell search engines your offers and products.  Create content for products and services you offer. Provide examples of real-life uses.  Or even give instructions on how you can improve your potential client’s life.

If you are a local company, you need location pages.  These pages that will tell the search engines that you provide your service in a particular city.

Content brings Authority

Providing content that brings some kind of value to your potential clients will get them on your website and keep them there for a bit.  Educating them on why they need your particular product or service helps build the authority of your brand and makes you the expert in their eyes.  

Ensure you have great SEO optimized content on each page so that humans, as well as the search engines, find you!